• Initiating baseline and longitudinal research studies on financial crimes and pertinent development issues such as trade (economy), environment, Health as they become apparent from time to time.
  • To build a database of cases on financial crime activities (such as money laundering and its predicate offences, corruption, fraud) in Uganda and beyond and advocate for adoption of robust policy regimes.
  • To train (using a variety of methods such as workshops, seminars, in-house training and tailored programmes for individual and corporate) with a view to enhance institutional capacity for businesses and organisations so that they can meet their regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • To train in business start-ups and Entrepreneurship
  • Providing a platform for receiving and sharing data on financial crimes, interacting with businesses and other agencies through debates, conferences and presenting research papers in countries in Uganda and across Africa
  • Sensitising grass root communities against Corruption, Money laundering and other vices that inhibit development in the society.
  • Providing community leadership and Development Training.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, training individuals and corporates on compliance and financial regulatory requirements.
  • To provide specialist training on money laundering and other forms of financial crimes. The data generated will be consolidated on our organisation’s database and used to advocate for desired policy changes on issues it relates.